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Before contacting me regarding the use of my music in various projects
please make sure that you have read about  Licensing.

"Kalimba solo for Lotus" tuning chart with MP3, or sheet music with MID file are available for a donation.

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  1. I admire your passion for the music. Greetings from Bolivia, South America

    Favio Jaramillo

  2. Hello

    I love your music, I have only heard three song. And liked them all three of them. I am gonna listen to the rest aswell. I myself hope to achieve as much with music as you do one day. For now I just write play and rec music for myself.

    Paco Lous

  3. Hello! I'm a graphic designer. Your music is so inspiring! Those sounds are amazingly beautiful! Thank you very very much for your perfect job!

  4. Très touchant, très beau travail ! Merci pour ces émotions

  5. Greetings from India. You music was inspiring.

    Music and Chants